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    Oil: Andalusia is one of the major olive oil producers in the world. the old factories or olive oil presses, the olive tree crops, the different types of olive oil depending on the olive type, the use of it in cooking.

    Wine: The andalusian wines are of worldwide recognition for their fruity taste, the sweet raisin wines, the dry and amontillado, but above all the sherry.

    Ham: This is one of the kings of andalusian and mediterranean cooking, also a centenary culture of salting and production of serranias (salted ham produced at high altitudes in the mountain ranges). Trevélez, the Pedroches Valley, Grazalema, Aracena.

    Cheese: The andalusian goat and sheep cheeses are classics in the spanish customary culinary tradition. the Payoya and Merina are goat and sheep breeds known by almost all andalusian.

    Other Food Products and Meals: Due to our desire to bring the most traditional andalusian products and culture to the visitor, we take special care when choosing restaurants, taverns, gastro-bars and markets in which to eat at.

    Hiking: The natural parks and natural reserves of Sierra Nevada are a great election for the mountain and lower mountain lovers, ascents to the Mulhacén, Veleta, Vereda de la Estrella (Path of the Star), Alpujarras, Tahá de Pitres.


    Mountain Bike, Horseback Riding, Quads, 4X4: The natural surroundings of andalusia offer a great variety of activities to be enjoyed accompanied by specialists. for all-terrain we organize all type of routes and we provide all the means and corresponding insurance for you.

    Mountain, Sea, and Aero Sports: To enjoy the panoramic views from a hot air balloon, to paraglide with a monitor, discover the marine depths of the andalusian mediterranean, descend rivers and break through waves.

    Golf: Your passion travels with you and our team of experts will guide you through the best Andalusian golf courts. We have all the necessary material for you to enjoy your golfing just as if you where at home.

    Yoga: Imagine yourself in Vraksana with Sierra Nevada as your backdrop? Take your practice to new sceneries... We count on the collaboration of two Yoga teachers with professional certification and over 15 years experience.

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