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    Ronda: The city of bandoleers and the oldest Real Maestranza (Royal Cavalry Armory of Ronda) in Spain is located two hours from Granada. the New Bridge, the gorge over River Guadalevín, the water mines [... read more]

    Córdoba: The ancient capital of the caliphate conserves its walls, fortresses, medina, synagogue, mosque and many other reasons for which it is necessary to visit it [... read more]

    Úbeda and Baeza: These two cities from Jaen, jewels of the andalusian renaissance. are located at approximately one and a half hours from Granada. fields of olive trees and mountains [... read more]

    Seville: The andalusian capital, at two hours and 45 minutes from Granada, is a latin american culture referent. the artistic mudejar palaces, the remains of almohad and christian kings, the cathedral and the tomb of Christopher Columbus, the navigable Guadalquivir river and the Giralda [... read more]

    Other excursions: Málaga, Almería, Jaen, Antequera, Fuente Piedra, Montilla, Espejo, Alcalá la Real, Montefrío [ read more]


    The Alpujarras: Down the southern slope of Sierra Nevada extends a valley of mineral waters, terraced crops and small towns sticking out of the mountain with views to the snowy mountain tops and the Mediterranean sea [... read more]

    The Tropical Coast: At the valley of the Guadalfeo river a micro climate is created due to the southern orientation toward the coast and the steep walls of the Azúd de Vélez canyon. this and the mineral water over the fertile lands are the origin of the Mediterranean coast of Granada: The Tropical Coast [... read more]

    Sierra Nevada: A scarce half-hour from the center of the city of Granada, is the Sierra Nevada ski resort. the ski slopes, that open in November and tend to remain open up until May are situated at over 2500 meters above sea level [... read more]

    Guadix: At less than one hour in car from the center of the city of Granada, Guadix is the ancient city of Accis. located on a high plateau surrounded by a ring of cliffs, the Hoya of Guadix is known for its cave-houses, or the troglodyte city [... read more]

    Other excursions: Western Villages, Huéscar, Orce, Castril, Piñar, etc

    Associated Activities: Wine, olive oil, adventure sports, hiking, mountain bike, canoeing, sailing, diving, canyoning, etc.

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