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We had a fantastic time visiting The Alhambra with the people at Exotico, great price for a private tour for two!

  • Guadix: At less than one hour in car from the centre of the city of Granada, Guadix is the ancient city of Accis. Located on a high plateau surrounded by a ring of cliffs, the hoya of Guadix is known for its cave-houses, or the troglodyte city.

    Guadix offers various attractions: the cathedral, the old quarter and the moorish alcazaba (citadel) are the major signs of identity of this city. Surrounding them are the cave-houses that we visit, along with the museum that explains the history and life of the place.

    On the northern slope of Sierra Nevada, the views over the snowy summits of the Picon de Jerez, the alcazaba (citadel) and the Mulhacen mountain. Traditional wines and the growing of fruit unite with the segureño lamb, the traditional sausage of the north of Granada and of course, the olive oil.

    To this visit we can add food in a restaurant that is inside a cave, or in an old olive press building.

    On wednesdays you can complete the visit with the possibility of entering the Calahorra Castle, and on the way there make a quick stop at Fuente Grande in Alfacar to see where the Albaicin water of Granada comes from and also the place in which in 1936 the poet Federico Garcia Lorca was shot dead by a firing squad.

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