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  • Sierra Nevada: A scarce half-hour from the centre of the city of Granada, is the Sierra Nevada ski resort. The ski slopes, that open in November and tend to remain open up until May are situated at over 2500 meters above sea level.

    Sierra Nevada offers the possibility of practicing winter sports in places from which with sunny weather and clear skies you can reach out to see africa behind the mediterranean sea.

    The ski resort is located just after the botanical garden of local plants situated at over 2000 meters above sea level.

    It is also easy to reach altitudes above 2500 meters and the virgen de las nieves (virgin of the snows).

    The descent cango down through Guejar sierra, where, during summer and part of autumn and spring, we propose eating at the local restaurants and swim in the natural pools above the Guejar River.

    This excursion can last half a day (5hours), with little hiking sections. It is also possible to program a full one day visit adding both sporting activities and adventure such as hiking or bathing in the pools.

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