exotico.org at FITUR 2023


Welcome to this, the 12th anniversary of the appearance of exotico.org at the FITUR fair.

With all the illusions of a new year, after COVID 19, we return to the International Tourism Fair on January 17, 2023. We are accompanied with great illusions and his know how by our partner Martín. So this year we are three: Santiago Perez Zubeldia (local official guide, professional photographer, consultant and assistant of exotico.org); Martin Etcheverry (As project manager for the implementation of the "Concierge" service in Granada); Pablo Flores Nieto (Founder and director of exotico.org link). Launching of the 24 hours concierge-assistance service in Granada offered by exotico.org.

Exotic Cultural Tours S.L. 2023

FITUR 2014

Pablo Flores Nieto FITUR

Santi Foto FITUR

FITUR 2013

FITUR 2016 Pablo Flores Nieto

FITUR 2016 Pablo Flores Nieto

Promoting Granada in Andalucía Turismo events

Our tours together with Andalucía Turismo through the international fairs.


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