Visiting the Albaicin and Sacromonte

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THE ALBAICÍN, AS WELL AS THE SACROMONTE: are real reasons to come to Granada.
San Nicolás viewpoint and views

Views of the Mirador San Nicolás, treasures of the albaicín, moonlit nights

Visiting the Albaicín and Sacromonte is a luxury within everyone's reach. The Albaicín, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, is a fundamental reason to come to the city. Its Cármenes, or Granada mansions with green and fresh gardens, are still a prince's dream. The labyrinthine medina alleys in continuous slope, its stairs, as well as its emblematic corners, among fountains singing both day and night. Its "obligatory" viewpoints absorb the mind and dissipate the clocks in a forgotten ticking. And of course, the walls, those that were already restored in the Middle Ages and had been abandoned by the Visigoths for old, now slender and ocher. How not to visit the Albaicín?

Cármenes in the Albaycín, Caves in the Sacromonte; and Viewpoints to see it all.
Mirador San Nicolás

Mirador San Nicolas, views of the Albaicin district, Granada and Alhambra.


The particular beauty of these, like Granada, hilltop cities formed by intertwining hills, lies largely in the panoramic spaces that crown them.

Carmen de los Jeranios

House-Carmen by the portrait painter Max Morreau

Visit of the Albaicin of Sacromonte: Those who fell in love with the Albayzin, at the time, bought a Carmen, rather than a house or mansion, to be part of the beauty of this city. Others came and found in the night of flamenco in the interior of the sacred mountain: the aforementioned freshness of the bosom of the Cave. Both residences are unique to Granada and only to Granada, both overlooking the Darro Valley, historically known as Valparaiso.

Sacromonte Cave

Zambra gitana del Sacromonte, cave

And in the Caves of Sacromonte reside the joys, the clapping and the sleepless nights of the gypsies, as well as of the romantics, accompanied by the artists of all times... Caves of the bowels of the earth, bowels rejoiced with duende. Subway freshness, sweat of the dancer, song of the gypsy, life; party; emotions, all to the beat. Zambras of living memory: that of our ancestors and probably, discovery of our descendants. Flamenco as alive tomorrow as ever, as alive at this very moment as it was in the 19th century...


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