The culture of nature

The culture of nature and responsible tourism:

Nature, generous and vital, needs our commitment. Far from being a hindrance, the natural environment provides the richest ecosystem within our reach, making it first and foremost a luxury. A return to the culture of nature:

Lower Sierra Nevada Mountains

Trails half an hour from Granada

Flora and fauna in the return to nature

flora and fauna of Granada

We organize private cultural tours through nature because the fresh air is calling us. Away from the urban stress and our lives mostly motorized and boxed in the asphalt of the road, streets and concrete buildings. Covid has taught us that what best regenerates the body and mind is just that: The return to the culture of nature.

Private cultural tour through Coto Doñana back to nature

Private cultural tour of Coto Doñana

But returning to the countryside is not only silence, the early dark night, the cosy crackle of the fire in the fireplace. No, it is not only the serene wind combing through the trees and the continuous babbling of streams. Even if the river in its rapids soothes the mind bogged down by ordinary private chores...

cultural experiences exotic kayaking, The return to the culture of nature

Descent of l'Ardeche in southern France, kayaking

Tours in which we descend the rapids in harness, climb the cliffs and paddle in the calm waters with kayak, paddle surf or ride on horseback along the banks. We will enjoy biological culture: wild animals, we will cross dunes, pine forests, holm oak forests, cork oak forests, all kinds of groves and cliffs.

Purebred Spanish Horse Training

horseback riding

Canyoning Rio Verde, The return to the culture of nature

Swimming and canyoning waterfalls

Via Ferrata

Adventure on trees


We also move on foot, to climb the most isolated peaks, or we move day by day along the most enchanted paths. Eating well, drinking better, but breathing is what we get, because nature is not only calmness of spirit and life, but it is also a crackling of life and a thrilling stage for adventures.

The private return to the culture of nature in tours through the nature of good living, of the best rest, of eating like never before and above all... Breathing.


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