Day trips from Granada.

One-day excursions from Granada:

The roads from Granada offer diverse and peculiar landscapes. The location of the city allows you to visit different areas of great interest.

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Symbol of the Alpujarras

Cubiform villages and chimneys of the Alpujarras

The Alpujarras, the Geopark of Guadix and Baza, Costa Tropical, Ubeda and Baeza, Cordoba, Ronda, are destinations that are between 45 minutes and two hours from the city by car. We propose these destinations as excursions (of easy viability in programs of 6 to 8 hours of duration) with program and guides. Exotic Cultural Tours proposes the implementation of vehicle, guide and attractive tour for the enjoyment of individuals and small groups. All with the idea that both the journey and the destinations are part of a fun cultural activity and an unforgettable day experience. The one-day excursions from Granada can be to any of the following destinations (shown on this interactive map)

Eastern Andalusia Antequera

Peñon de los Enamorados from Antequera

One way trips to destinations with guide accompaniment for transit visits. "Road trips to new destinations

The road is an opportunity to discover the corners of a tourist destination, cultural details and unique experiences.

Leaving Granada for the next settlement, or on the contrary, traveling from another place to Granada are journeys that are destinations. Think of the adventures of the emblematic travelers, the historical, the romantic, so often the journey ends up being the essential.

We offer different means of transportation and formulas to make each of your internal trips a new experience.

Bicycle and horseback riding:

These are activities that can be added to the excursions in different destinations.

purebred Spanish horse riding routes

Horseback Riding with Andalusian Horses


Kayaking and paddle surfing:

how not to take advantage of the tropical coast for rowing and water sports. At 45 minutes from the center of Granada is the Mediterranean coast called Costa Tropical.

cultural experiences exotic kayaking

Descent of l'Ardeche in southern France, kayaking

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