Tour of Gastronomy

Gastronomy and food based on local, seasonal produce:

Cutura with capital letters is what nourishes us: The sight with its colors and light, the smell with its aromas, the ear with its whispers and chants, the touch of its silks, thorns and rocks, but everything fits on a plate. To nourish the senses is to travel. To be satisfied with the delicacies of the place is an experience. To share the enjoyment of the palate in communion with the local indigenous people is a destination in itself.

baked delicacies

the kitchen of embers

Cultural gastronomic tours:

A key basis of human culture is to be found in the food environment. The local cuisine of each area is characterised by the rational use of "kilometre 0" products, also known as seasonal and local products.

Local seasonal produce, gastronomy

Fresh local produce

Local cuisine is one of the great tourist attractions and one of the most attractive signs of identity to experience when travelling. Gastronomy and seasonal local food are the basic elements of a whole culture, added to fresh produce and local preserves.

Andalusian Quality Products:

Also, without forgetting the palate: the wines, the ham, the olives, the bread, the cheese... which are complete food elements of local character in each place. And, of course: local fruit, vegetables and greens, not forgetting one of our hallmarks of quality: EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

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