Granada is a city of the Sierra Nevada, as well as a settlement of orchards, a Vega of poplar groves, asparagus, beans, walnuts and chard; persimmons and cabbages; fruits and vegetables; it was a city of tobacco; today it is a city of almond and pear trees, of frozen irrigation ditches and of paths between cowsheds and drying sheds?

The beards of the city of Granada are green despite the droughts. It has white cheeks; that of the Albaicín and that of the Realejo... Perhaps the Alhambra is its nose and the Generalífe its brow... Eyes the Nazaríes pools, that of the rain, and the ravine. Water, everything is water, of water and by water, melted snow, water table, springs, the Sierra spills, the mountains have tears, the Aynadamar, Darro, Genil, Beiro, Monachil, Dílar and run aground. Thousands of pools contain mirrors, high mountain swamps drink from the lagoons of Sierra Nevada.

Official visit of the Alhambra

Private tour of the Alhambra

The history of human culture and Grenada: "A drop of water".

The human troglodyte finds his home in the bowels of the earth. Isolated behind the mouth of the cave, sheltered from predators and inclement weather, he survives better, not because he is stronger, not because he is more resistant, but because he is more cautious, cautious and calculating... The courage to want to go on and go further, further is found in the prudence of the one who shelters well.

Sacromonte Cave

Zambra gitana del Sacromonte, cave

The cave, or the myth of survival: Living buried.

... Imagine, then, some men in a subway shelter in the form of a cavern, whose entrance, open to the light, extends along the entire length of the facade;

The opening in the mountain allows to go out to look for food and water to drink, along the Darro River, further along the Fardes, on the banks of the Monachil and so many other settlements of humans since forever.

They have been there since childhood and, chained by their legs and neck, they can neither change their position nor see in any direction other than forward, because the ligatures prevent them from turning their heads:

Our claws are fragile and tender, our jaws are small and our fangs barely break the neck of a bird that once hurt our palate. We are slaves of our senses and of the capacity to perceive the scarce reflection of reality. If it were not for reasoning and medium and long term strategy, we would only have been the prey of our voracious environment, as were so many others, arrogant and brave ancestors who plunged into the jaws of the lion. Inferior beings who fantasized with their infantile outbursts, minds of little reflection, beasts that feed their enemies, unhappy fools?

Cave bedroom

troglodyte caves of Granada

the glow of a fire burning far away, on a height, reverberates behind them; between the fire and the prisoners there is an ascending path; along that path figure a small wall similar to the small partitions that those who perform farces with puppets put between them and the public and over which they show off their skills.

Introspective Viewpoint

Freedom and sunset behind the fence

In the case of the viewpoints one enjoys the peace of being able to embrace views made for supermen. The viewpoints of Granada have a complex of Olympus of the Gods, of zenith of perspectives, which often leads to feelings of peace, of reflection in the distance and intimacy, of isolation in the real world.


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