Visiting lookout points to admire, tours of sensitivity in panoramic views, and perspectives of the Gods.

The viewpoint in Granada is a place. "Visit of the viewpoints, views to admire". In the tourist's perception, mirador: Ansichtpunkt, bellvédère, Look out point refers to the characteristic attraction of the city as to that place where you perceive with your eyes, a perspective worth mentioning; to name; to remember; to advise... Moreover, to emphasize as inescapable.

Carvajales Viewpoint

Sunset in Mirador de los Carvajales

The viewpoint looks out from the lookout:

However, the thinker is represented as seated, anthropomorphic, reflective, static... is thought human-shaped and static?

Why not then call this living character absorbed in front of a vision, attracted by the dance of perspectives, a viewpoint? That is why the approach to this activity, that of looking, merges into the object of admiration, is the concept of sharing Miradors to look at. They are tours of sensitivity in views often panoramic but not necessarily, in the Albaicín and in the Realejo not all views are landscape:

Vertical viewpoint of the Albaicín at Carril de las Tomasas

Las Tomasas Viewpoint








What is the viewpoint, the place or the viewer?

Give him alms woman, there is nothing in life like the pain of being blind in Granada.

For the blind visitor to the viewpoint, the subject who looks is the one to whom the blind person narrates the sensations. So aren't they all, blind person, narrator and viewpoint in reality viewpoints?

Viewed viewpoints

Viewpoints at the viewpoint

All tours have a specific focus to satisfy different senses and sensations: the gastrotours are dedicated to the perceptions of aromas, flavors and textures of taste; the trails are immersions in the sensations of natural air, touch and freshness of the air or water, but very focused on the hearing of nature. Adventure and sport tours play with the senses and adrenaline, where both body and mind travel to the unpredictable. But in all these cases the vision is also a main sensation, it is not the essential one.

Introspective Viewpoint

Freedom and sunset behind the fence

In the case of the viewpoints one enjoys the peace of being able to embrace views made for supermen. The viewpoints of Granada have a complex of Olympus of the Gods, of zenith of perspectives, which often leads to feelings of peace, of reflection in the distance and intimacy, of isolation in the real world.


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