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The panoramic culture and the private reflection that surrounds us:

What are our private panoramic cultural experiences. To begin with, we see what overwhelms us, although we only capture a panoramic view. In conclusion, the vision surrounds us horizontally like the wide embrace and its intentions seem to envelop us and stop us to contemplate it. The panorama seems to make us ethereal, if the image we capture is the impression we carry in our heart, its vision undoubtedly captures, like an emotional x-ray, what our stomach feels and moves us.

Private cultural visit to the Alhambra

The beauty of the Alhambra frames the blue sky.

We reflect on digital technology:

Photography, no longer the exclusive art of masters but a medium for the inexperienced masses, no longer reflects a cryptic narrative technique, but has become a means of emotional communication. And it is in this way that in social networks, graphic content has turned our remote communication devices into chromatic interrelation devices. Having said all this, we position ourselves as a punctual subject before the vision of our panoramic environment. Thus, an image that envelops and attracts us probably speaks for our heart, which reacts to the external impulse as we aspire to assimilate the landscape. The panorama is an embrace that reveals our weaknesses and our emotions.

Enjoy private cultural tours

The eternal sunset, in the Caleta, in Cádiz and its teenagers fishing for snapshots.

The flashes lead us through space and time:

Of all the memories we accumulate in our cupboards, the longest-lived are those we keep in the cupboard of our brains, our private experiences. In short, the panoramas we experience in a gruelling process of apprehended education. If in the end the cultural things we assimilate and pile up are nothing more than magnets on the fridges, as well as books and crafts on the shelves, as well as fetishes in the space around us... However, all this is nothing more than a narrowing of our experience.

private cultural and gastronomic experiences

Culture that enters through the stomach, the art of local gastronomy.

For this reason these "private panoramic cultural experiences" are the ones that will frame this blog. We are convinced that what all these pixels generated in our lives in time, without these images would be erased in the never-never, maybe only deformed, but finally trapped in the forgotten archives of the net. It is therefore decided: we will take a panoramic view of our emotions, our words and our reasons, to embark on the journey of life as we now do, step by step.

private cultural sensations with a specialist guide

A dream walk through the ruins of Medina Azahara, of the Caliphate of Abderrahman III



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