Monastery of the Cartuja of Granada

The Charterhouse of Granada:

Private cultural tour of the Cartuja of Granada. Visit the monastic monument built after the conquest of the Nasrid city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492. It housed a community of Carthusian monks from its foundation in the sixteenth century until the exclaustration of 1835.

Dome and altars of the church of the Cartuja de Granada monastery.

Visit to the Charterhouse for individuals

Its religious-monumental value:

Its legendary establishment by decision of Fernando González de Aguilar y Córdobo was altered by the final location chosen for its construction in 1516. The Carthusians in their Vow of Poverty dedicate their life to prayer, meditation in silence and work. The marble, Baroque plasterwork and polychrome of the 17th century are magnificent works of art. Fray Sánchez Cotán leaves his mark in numerous paintings today exposed along the route of the cloister in the chapels and in the reflectorium.


Marquetry and plasterwork of the Sacristy of the Charterhouse of Granada.

Marquetry and baroque of the Charterhouse

El Sagrario, a work by Hurtado Izquierdo

It is among the most recognized signs of identity of this monastery. The imagery sculpted by the most renowned artists of the seventeenth century shines for its contrasting mineral polychromy and its symbolic-decorative richness.

Duration of the visit 1h30min
Distance from the Center 3km, recommended transportation to access
Other indications Associated documents and souvenir store available.

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