Excursion to Cordoba from Granada for Individuals:

Itinerary: Granada-Baena-Córdoba-Granada

Duration: 10 h

Main Attraction: Olivar-Mezquita de Córdoba-Juderia-Synagogue-Roman Bridge

Excursion to Cordoba from Granada for Individuals:

The city of Cordoba's history includes the fact that it was the nerve centre of a Caliphate whose wealth and refinement were recognised throughout the world. Between the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries, it was home to more than half a million inhabitants. It was the birthplace of Seneca junior, Maimonides, Averroes, the poet Ibn Zaydun, the eye surgeon Mohammad al-Gafequi. In this capital of the Guadalquivir you can find Sierra Morena with El Valle and together with Medina Zahra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to which were added the immaterial ones which are the tradition of the Andalusian courtyards and the Flamenco.

Roman Bridge of Cordoba

Roman Bridge, Guadalquivir and Calahorra Tower

Its Monuments:

Next to the Alcazar are the Royal Stables, an Andalusian training school, home of the Purebred Spanish Horse.

The Mosque (today Cathedral) is among the world's most famous monuments. This 8th century building, the remains of which have survived to the present day, was the beginning of what was to become the second largest mosque in the world for several centuries. Nowadays the monument is the Cathedral of Cordoba and is managed by the Cabildo.

Courtyards of Cordoba

Patios of Cordoba, Intangible Heritage of UNESCO

Cordoba, historic capital of humanity:

A visit to Cordoba is almost obligatory for lovers of cultural tourism. It is not only because of the inescapable mosque, but also because it is one of the great references of human art and culture. It was already the capital in Roman times under the name of Corduba. The city was a centre of knowledge, and at its symbolic summit stands the Caliph Al Hakam II. Al-Hakam II was the creator of the greatest library of the 10th century, as well as the patron of one of the greatest teams of scribes in the history of mankind. The most spectacular thing is that it was in the middle of a dark period in the sad history of the rest of Europe: "The High Middle Ages".

House of Alchemy in Cordoba

House of Alchemy in the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba

Other recommendations to complete the visit:

Excursion to Cordoba from Granada for Individuals, in which among the points of interest of the city is the quarter called "La Juderia". Inside this quarter is the best preserved synagogue in Andalusia, created during the reign of Alfonso X the Wise. Also to be taken into account: "La Casa Sefaradí", "La casa Andalusí", "La casa del Alquimista", but we cannot forget the traditional cellars and restored palaces such as "Casa de las cabezas", the exhibition De la Torre de la "Calahorra", etc.

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