Excursion to the Tropical Coast for individuals

Itinerary: Granada-Salobreña-Almuñécar-Nerja

Duration: 9 h

Main Attraction: Mediterranean-spas-balnearios-alcazabas-tropical orchard-atalayas

Excursion to the Tropical Coast for individuals:

To start with, from Granada the nearest beach is in Motril, capital of the coastal region in the province of Granada. Excursion to the Tropical Coast for individuals starting from Granada can be reduced to 6 hours although the excursion is usually scheduled to last 8 hours.

Granada Tropical Coast

Beach of the Albercas on the tropical coast

History of the Tropical Coast:

Also important is the history of this coast, which is among the most intense and richest of all the coasts of the Mediterranean. The Phoenicians arrived here, the Carthaginians, later the Romans called Almuñécar "SEXI" and so on until the arrival of the Umayyad Abderramán I. From its port in the 8th century he set sail for Cordoba and made it the capital of the Emirate.
Some bloody episodes of the Civil War also took place on the Tropical coast. Not forgetting that the Barbary pirates had previously passed through it. In the 16th century the Moors tried to lure the Ottoman troops in the war of the Alpujarras. And as a curious fact, the defeated Moorish king, Muhammad Abdullah, better known as Boabdil the boy, left along this coast in the direction of his last exile, towards Fes.

Subtropical crops on the coast of Granada

Tropical crop fields on the Tropical Coast

Geology of the Tropical Coast.

On our excursion to the Tropical Coast for individuals we will see that this coast is backed by the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Sierras de Almijara, Tejeda and Alhama and is surprisingly symmetrical with the northern Moroccan coast. Both the geological formation and the shape of the coastline, albeit with opposite orientation. The mountains plunge into the depths of the Mediterranean with hardly any width. It is a beach of gravel and fresh water, ideal for diving and snorkelling, fishing and a succulent market and fish market.
We propose a visit to the old town of Salobrena, in the tropical garden, estuary of the Guadalfeo River. We also propose a stop in the old town of Almuñécar and lunch of seasonal and local tropical fruits, dried octopus and local fish.
This excursion can be extended to Nerja, the last town, which, being in the province of Malaga, obeys more to the morphology of the tropical coast than to the classic Costa del Sol.
The excursion to the Costa Tropical can also focus, after visiting Salobreña, on the Axarquías area of Málaga, with Frigiliana and Nerja as the final destination.

Salobrena Castle

Salobrena Castle, views over the tropical coastline

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