Granada city tour

Itinerary: Albaicín, Sacromonte, Centro Sagrario, Realejo

Duration: 3 hours

Main Attraction: Viewpoints, Carmenes, Caves, Gardens, Renaissance Palaces

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Historic Granada (Granada City tour)

Private cultural tour of historic Granada. Visit the different areas of the historic city of Granada. We discover the labyrinthine network of the Jewish medinas (Realejo) and the Muslim nobility (Albaicín), which was an Islamic court before the Nasrids. We continue to discover the traditional gypsy quarter, where the caves continue to host Zambra(Granada flamenco) nights, and finally we discover part of the Christian Quarter, modified after the surrender of Granada (1492 AD). The route is traditionally covered on foot and can be completed, due to weather conditions or customer preference, with an assistance vehicle. There are alternative means of transport: electric tuc-tuc, taxi or black car, tourist train, and even electric bicycle (all with their corresponding costs).

Private cultural tour Albaicin

"Cármenes" (granadin traditional mansions) and alleyways Albaicín

Throughout the visit of the Private Cultural Tour of Historic Granada, participants are offered:

  • First, discover the viewpoints (apart from the obvious ones like San Nicolas or San Cristobal).
  • Secondly, we enter a traditional Granadian mansion: El Carmen.
  • We continue visiting the Castilian mansions of the 16th century and later.
  • Further on we reach the caves of Sacromonte.
  • We even offer obligatory breaks for the locals: for tapas, or tea, or simply to enjoy the view and take photos.
Granada City tours

City of viewpoints and old quarters.

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