Cultural tour of Ronda from Granada

Itinerary: Granada-Antequera-Ronda

Duration: 10h

Main Attraction: Historic Ronda-New Bridge-Tajo de Ronda-Panoramic views-Bullring-Plaza de toros-Goyesque art

Visit the romantic city of Banditry and the Goyescas(Francisco de Goya dessigns):

The private cultural tour of Ronda is one of the essential visits in Andalusia. This unmissable destination is the city, capital of the Andalusian identity, and of course, the cradle of romanticism. The bullring, the New Bridge, the Arab bath (Hammam), the House of the Moorish King.

Ronda Old Town

Ancient city of Ronda

A city split by the river Guadalevín:

In the private cultural tour of Ronda we show this city as the city of the tradition of the horse in the mountains, the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda proposes rides in horse-drawn carriages or horse-drawn carriages around its natural environment. We also propose a horseback ride through the mountains.

New Bridge of Ronda

The New Bridge of Ronda

Emblem of the city of Ronda:

The cut of the river Guadalevín gives the city its identity, like a village suspended in the sky. The New Bridge is the unmistakable sign of the heights, the river and the two ages of Ronda.


The recommended visit to the town itself is about 4 hours, 5 if lunch is added (which is recommended, as this is a place of excellent produce and traditional cuisine).

This is undoubtedly the city of 19th century Romanticism, city of bandits and flamencos, capital of bullfighting, Andalusian emblem, white village and capital of Andalusia. The city is characterised by an exterior beauty very typical of the Andalusian tradition: whitewashed streets, black bars on the windows, heavy doors, patios, fountains and flowers. In the centre is the emblematic New Bridge, over the 100-metre long gorge over the river Guadalebin.

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