Olive oil tour for individuals

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We offer the olive oil tour for individuals. Of all the quality products of the Andalusian land, the most international and oldest is probably the juice of the olives. Millions of olive trees comb the hills, valleys, plains and terraces of this landscape. But olive oil has almost half of the world's production in these lands for reasons that are not only a matter of tradition. It is in these climatic conditions and soil compositions that the best juices in the world are produced.

A tour of a product accessible from any Andalusian destination:

From any province of Andalusia or the south of Spain, this production is within easy reach, so it is easy and part of the cultural activities. We propose to enter the world of the olive by directly touching the factory of this delicacy of the Mediterranean diet, which is none other than the olive tree itself. We also visit the traditional oil mills, where specialists and technicians explain how and why the fruit is processed in this way. Tasting of different varieties, recommendations for selection and use. This is one of the most recommendable and healthy activities you can do.

Modalities and distances:

For these reasons we offer the olive oil tour for individuals with different modalities that go from the closest productions to the starting point in durations of 3 to 5 hours.

This activity, so present throughout the Andalusian countryside, allows us to combine it as a complement to many other activities (excursions with stops along the way, trails that culminate in these mills, travel by vehicle to destinations to continue, begin or end the holiday, etc.).