Alhambra Tour

Itinerary: Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, Medina

Duration: 3 hours

Main Attraction: Nasrid Art

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Tour of the Alhambra:

Guided tour of the Alhambra with local guide and tickets. Our official local guides are specialists in the monument and the culture associated with all its periods of creation as well as its historical and social environment.

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Nominal and timed tickets to the Alhambra

Official local guides in different languages, Visit of the Alhambra with entrance tickets

Local guides of the Alhambra, official visit

We offer you the possibility to book with us both the tour and the entrance tickets to the monument. These are necessary in order to be able to purchase the tickets:

  • Name and surname of visitor
  • Identity card or passport number (either of which must be physically carried by the visitor throughout the visit).

Recommendations for the private tour of the Alhambra:

It is an uneven terrain full of stairs and cobblestones, so comfortable shoes are recommended. Part of the private tour of the Alhambra takes place outside, so you should be prepared for the outside temperature. Finally, remember that the guided tour of the Alhambra is intended to cover the entire 12 hectares, so there will be technical stops. But do not forget that this is a citadel with 3 million visitors a year, so it has a cafeteria, restaurants, souvenir shops and an official Alhambra shop.

Guided tour of the Alhambra with local guide and entrance tickets:

The Alhambra is distributed between the hills of the Sabika and the Cerro del Sol (or Cerro del Oro).

The Nasrid Alhambra,

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To begin with its location, on the Sabika mountain. It is the greatest incentive to come and enjoy, to daydream and to delve into its legends and its moving history. It is the synthesis and culmination of its Andalusian architecture. A monument built at the beginning of the 13th century that has survived to the present day. An ode to science, culture, knowledge, poetry and beauty that today we have the privilege of being able to enjoy and share. From its imposing military fortress, the Alcazaba, the guard of the Nasrid sultans guarded it tirelessly and we can contemplate the best views of the old quarters of the city.

The green Alhambra:

Private cultural visit Generalife

Nasrid Art of the Alhambra and its gardens

Its Muslim and Christian courtyards, where the architecture blends in with nature and the vegetation that surrounds them and where both play at the same time with the constant sound of water, which is a purifier of life, and which also has great symbolic value for al-Andalus. The latter still coexists today with the urban culture of Granada.

A promontory crowning the panoramic views:

Alhambra Private ToursDuring the visit of the Alhambra with tickets and private guide, we first of all enjoy the views. We enjoy the view of the Sierra Nevada mountains, then our thoughts run through the plains of the Vega. Already immersed in a trance of beauty, we then enter the beautiful Nasrid Palaces. It is in them where each space has a particular beauty. Inside, their poems populate walls decorated with plasterwork, lapis lazuli and pure gold leaf. Above them we immerse ourselves in its Mudejar coffered ceilings; these are witnesses of that cultural mix, that which has left us such beautiful vestiges throughout the ages.

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