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Who are we and what do we offer?

Who are we, Exotic Cultural Tours? Lovers of cultural activities and dedicated to private tourism for individuals. We consider culture in the broadest sense of the term.Weoffer private cultural tours to the Alhambraand other monuments with local official guides, canyoning with mountain instructors, wine tasting with winemakers in quality wineries or we guarantee tailor-made transport according to our clients' preferences.

Private cultural art tours

Art and monument guides

Exótico Cultural Tours is an official agency of Granada, which is specialised in the organisation of tours, as well as assistance/accompaniment of visitors and participants. But we also take care of contracting services for families as well as for small groups of friends, collaborators, company or sector partners...

Hotel Rural Los Pilares de Ronda

Nature and adventure hotels

We work in close collaboration with partner agencies of private tours and guides, with hotel chains Hospes, Eurostar, A.C. Marriot, Barceló, Hotel El Lodge, Melià, We collaborate with City Expert Sevilla and Córdoba, and with luxury tourism agencies: Itravel Sevilla, Marisar Manar Travel in Morocco, as well as with Spain and Portugal Vacations, transporters: González Fuentesal, Autobuses Martín Corral, Limousines and luxury transport, Autocares Sevilla. We also have the professionals of sports and adventures Goyo Garrido Adventures, Kayak, Surfing, Diving, Yachts and Sailboats...

Tour extra virgin olive oil

Visit to olive oil mills and the art of EVOO

We organise gastronomic tours with the collaboration of restaurants and companies that produce cheese, bread, fruit and vegetables, tropical fruit, EVOO oil, artisan beers, wines and spirits, Montilla-Moriles, Jerez, Malaga, Brandy, Rum, etc. All venues chosen according to time availability and proximity to activities.

cultural experiences exotic kayaking

Descent of l'Ardeche in southern France, kayaking

Local Official Guides

Local guides

Local and official guides to the artistic and cultural heritage ...

Sensitive travel

Tours, visits and activities for the pleasure of the senses

Private cultural tours and activities for the pleasure of the senses in the most authentic place and time.

Private Cultural Tours of Monuments and Landmarks

Discover with us the monumental spaces

Monumental visits with a local guide for individuals. We organise: tour, pick-up, entrance fees and time...

New Bridge of Ronda

Cultural tour of Ronda from Granada

Visit of the romantic city of Banditry and the
Symbol of the Alpujarras

Tour of the Alpujarras for individuals

The Alpujarras Tour of the Alpujarras for individuals begins
Collegiate Church of Úbeda

Úbeda and Baeza excursion

9 h
Úbeda and Baeza These two towns in Jaén are the jewels in the crown.
Visit of the Costa Tropical

Excursion to the Tropical Coast for individuals

9 h
Excursion to the Tropical Coast for individuals: To begin with, from
Private cultural tour of the Mosque of Cordoba

Excursion to Cordoba from Granada for Individuals:

10 h
Excursion to Cordoba from Granada for Individuals: The City of Cordoba
Olive oil tour

Olive oil tour for individuals

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil We offer the tour of the
cultural tours for individuals

Granada city tour

3 hours
Historical Granada (Granada City tour) Private cultural tour of Granada
Private cultural tours Alhambra

Alhambra Tour

3 hours
Tour of the Alhambra: Guided tour of the Alhambra with
The exoticism of the local.

Authentic places full of exoticism.

The exoticism of our cultural destinations in Granada, Andalusia, Algarve, Morocco...

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Panoramic view of the Alcazaba

Visiting the Albaicin and Sacromonte

THE ALBAICÍN, AS WELL AS THE SACROMONTE: are real reasons to come to Granada. The visit
Medieval Alhambra art

Visiting the Alhambra

To answer the questions: Why and when to visit the Alhambra? there is no other answer than
Inside the Alhambra

experiences and circuits of exotic cultural tours

Our existence is your experiences with us: Experiences and circuits of exotic cultural tours.