Let's enjoy it again!

Exótico Cultural Tours S.L. renews for the post-Covid-19 era

Back to enjoying travel and private cultural tours. We are back to enjoying free time, trips, cultural tours, activities and visits. All beginnings are an oxygenation. Despite the fact that starting over means coming to terms with a crisis and its turning points, a new climb up familiar mountains, but always on paths to be discovered. In December 2021, a new web space is rehabilitated to welcome a new online face, with much more baggage, and more experience... 

Back to enjoying activities

We go out again to enjoy life

More tours, old friends and new discoveries

Let's enjoy again! More and more offer, taking advantage of a continuous qualification of the offer... Every time the offer is more diverse, better and safer; renewed and more sustainable activities...

San Nicolás viewpoint and views

Views of the Mirador San Nicolás

Adapted to changing times

Back to enjoying travel and private cultural tours. The confinements have allowed new advances in the restoration of the Alhambra, to which we have had the honour of being able to train to show this ancient monument with renewed knowledge and secrets.

BAzares and exotic shops

Shops in the Albaicín of Granada

More nature and healthier tourism:

Back to enjoying travel and private cultural tours, let's enjoy them in a sustainable way. The pandemic has made it clear that we want more clean air, exercise and a more respectful and consistent way of consumption with the environment. We have renewed and expanded our already rich offer of nature tours and activities. Away from pollution and closer to a healthier way of life.

Private cultural tour of Coto Doñana

Private cultural tour of Coto Doñana


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