Granada city tour.

Monumental Granada.

Viewpoints of Granada

Cuesta de los Chinos

The labyrinthine medina alleys in continuous slope, its stairs, as well as its emblematic corners, a tour of experiences between fountains singing both day and night. Its "must see" viewpoints with a guide for individuals.

Royal Chapel of Granada

Elizabethan Gothic in Granada

The Christian layout of Granada extends throughout the old city. Discovering the monuments of Granada outside the Alhambra is a must. We recommend a series of monuments in visits of up to 2 for each service. For individuals with official guide


tours and activities for individuals


We offer you the possibility to book with us both the tour and the entrance tickets to the monument. The following are required in order to purchase the tickets


Symbol of the Alpujarras

Cubiformes villages and chimneys of the Alpujarras

The Alpujarras Tour for individuals is the water tour. An experience among cultivated terraces with rich fruit trees, chestnut trees, mulberry trees, cherries, apple trees, orange trees, pomegranate trees, avocado trees and many other fruits.

Hiking in Granada

trails and trekking routes in Granada

The location between valleys and hills, at the foot of Sierra Nevada, between rivers and torrents, streams and Vega give the city a strategic location for lovers of hiking. Experiences in nature for individuals, natural culture...

Granadian trails, VIDEO

Olive oil tour

We offer the olive oil tour for individuals. Olive oil tour in Granada for individuals, experience with visit of centenary olive trees, olive mill and tasting. Combinable with "Alpujarras", "Costa Tropical", "Cordoba"; "Ubeda and Baeza", "Antequera", "Ronda", "Hiking", "Wine Tasting", .....

purebred Spanish horse riding routes

Horseback Riding with Andalusian Horses

By bike to the beach

Bicycle rides and tours

Skiing in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, season 2022


Karting in Granada

A thousand sports and adventure activities at your fingertips. Granada offers all kinds of experiences of Mountain, River, Sport, Motor, and above all: ADVENTURE. Enjoy horseback riding, cycling routes, paragliding, canyoning, canyoning, skiing in season, surfing, paddle surfing, wind surfing, scuba diving, abseiling, mountaineering, karting, 4X4, quads, boat...



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Tours and activities for individuals, visits to monuments, leisure, free time, private cultural tours, services with official guide, customized transportation, specialized instructors, quality equipment and specific insurance coverage. Tours, services, experiences and activities for individuals.

Discover the historic city of Granada

Private cultural tour of historic Granada. Visit the different areas of the historic city of Granada.

The tour is traditionally done on foot and can be completed, due to weather conditions or customer preferences, with an assistance vehicle. There are alternative modes of vehicles: electric tuc-tuc, cab or black vehicle, tourist train, and even Electric Bicycle (all of these with their corresponding costs).

Sensitive travel

Tours, visits and activities for the pleasure of the senses

Private cultural tours and activities for the pleasure of the senses in the most authentic place and time.

Private Cultural Tours of Monuments and Landmarks

Discover with us the monumental spaces

Monumental visits with a local guide for individuals. We organise: tour, pick-up, entrance fees and time...

Geopark, panoramic view

Visit the Geopark of Guadix and Baza from Granada

Geopark in the northern area of the province of Granada:
Charterhouse of Granada € 2 monuments

visit two monuments in Granada

Visit of two monuments of Granada: Outside the Alhambra,
Periurban trail of Granada

Hiking in Granada

2h or 3h or 7h
Hiking in Granada: Trails and trekking routes in Granada,
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For a more personalized and tailor-made attention to the needs of the
New Bridge of Ronda

Cultural tour of Ronda from Granada

Visit of the romantic city of Banditry and the
Symbol of the Alpujarras

Tour of the Alpujarras for individuals

The Alpujarras Tour of the Alpujarras for individuals begins
Collegiate Church of Úbeda

Úbeda and Baeza excursion

9 h
Úbeda and Baeza These two towns in Jaén are the jewels in the crown.
Visit of the Costa Tropical

Excursion to the Tropical Coast for individuals

9 h
Excursion to the Tropical Coast for individuals: To begin with, from
Private cultural tour of the Mosque of Cordoba

Excursion to Cordoba from Granada for Individuals:

10 h
Excursion to Cordoba from Granada for Individuals: The City of Cordoba
Olive oil tour

Olive oil tour for individuals

3 o 5
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil We offer the tour of the
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Authentic places full of exoticism.

The exoticism of our cultural destinations in Granada, Andalusia, Algarve, Morocco...


Menu for a la carte services

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Mirador pilla a mirador

Grenada, its history is water

Granada is a city ofSierra, the Sierra Nevada, as well as a settlement of
Trails through the Alpujarra

The culture of nature

The culture of nature and responsible tourism: Nature, generous and vital needs
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